The Dairy Farmer: The Wisconsin Model Part 3

Some of us drift through our lives. Some of us make choices. That’s what Ben and Erin Klinkner did. Ben left his family farm for college, swearing to his parents that he’d never milk another cow again. Erin was a city kid dreaming of life as a vet. You know what happened. They’re milking cows, growing corn and raising kids and calves. But there’s a lot more to this podcast than that.

It’s about living a life that you love, a life that is compatible with deeply held values. And, it’s about a different kind of capitalism. Not the kind that focuses solely on the bottom line and financial returns. It’s the kind that’s about building for the future, taking pride in what you do and leaving a legacy.

Here’s another in my series about cooperatives, a different kind of capitalism. The Wisconsin kind.

Jack, the oldest of the Klinkner kids, with Mimic

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